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Does anyone have art ideas or banners, which can be used to promote the community?

Sales Post ♡

Hey gals! I'm moving to another province soon and I have to part with some of my clothes... I just have way too much and my new place won't be as big! :( So.. I'm taking this opportunity to sell some stuff you ladies may be interested in. Some of this stuff has never once been worn, unfortunately for me. (Seriously I have a lot of stuff. xD)

Here's what I've got for your perusal...

Click!!Collapse )

Thanks for taking a look!!
MOD: Please inform me if this is not appropriate. ♡


Hey gals! Long time no post. ♡
In case some of you forgot me here's the one-liner: I'm Arianna, I'm almost 21, and I'm a Canadian. o^^o

So! This post is just a little hair and make, because I'm so pleased I finally got my Prisila wigs in the mail! Especially after that video heylove_diamond posted on gal_style, the first thing I did was order my own. >w
On to the pictures!!

More Under Here..Collapse )

I'm also really excited my Geo lenses should come in soon! *Fingers crossed for this week*

Thanks so much for looking. o^.~o

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Intro and Pics


My name is Pix and I am very much a newbie when it comes to Gyaru! I'm so happy I found this community! Two of my best friends are pros at Gyaru and I have always been jealous of the pretty and cute things they wear. I felt I couldn't dress the same way because of my size. After much love, support, and gift giving on their part I finally started paying more attention and buying cuter stuff! I thought I'd share some pics of what I have so far!!

peachsodapixie.livejournal.com/2847.html  I fail at making links pretty!!

I look forward to sharing pics and stories with fellow plus size Gyaru girls! Because really, the bigger you are, the more space for bows and lace! ♥


PS. Mods I didn't see anything about intro post on the profile so I hope this is okay. If its not please take it down and let me know the right way to do it! XD


Ok, opinion time. Would these dresses and skirts from Torrid work well with gyaru? Sorry if they are small.


♛ Hurray for big girls!!

Honestly I'm really excited for this comm. o^^o I hope we make it a success!
Sooo... as sort of an extended introduction, I'd like to give us first few girls a bit of a long post to show you where I started and where I am now in the fashion -- though I've only been into it for seven months. :) [And not a lot of time to practice!]

In chronological order, from when I started until most recent. Some have make, some don't have make, but it's just to show you how things have progressed so far! :3 I'm by no means an expert. xD

Here it all is, behind the cut!Collapse )

I got into gyaru after spending time in Osaka, my second trip to Japan. :D The Kansai gals are just amazing!! They inspired me so much. ♥♥ How did you get into it??


Welcome to gyaru_plus, the only community for the plus size gyaru.


Gyaru fashion for Sizes 12 and UP

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